Top of the line TITAN is built for ice climbers, alpinists and expedition climbers needing protection from biting wind and blowing snow and also the ability to see in ever changing light conditions. The TITAN geometry is subtly different from other "ski" goggles allowing not only excellent peripheral vision but also a clear view of your front points. Key to the performance is the coated photo chromatic lens that changes in seconds to provide good vision in both bright and low light conditions and everything in between. Think how many times (while climbing) you move from sun to shade and back again... or the sun which was shining brightly disappears over the ridge. These versatile goggles feature Julbo's dual lens Air-Way System - designed to keep you fog free and moving - slow or fast, up or down.
The Titan is our largest minimalist frame. The Titan is extremely flexible and comfortable with excellent ventilation. Regardless of what conditions you ski in, low light or bluebird days, our NXT spherical lenses have got you covered. The sturdy & adjustable silicone strap in combination with the extended outriggers will fit a variety of helmets. The TITAN sports a general purpose Category 2-4 lens - plenty dark for high altitude - with 100% UV protection and 8-43% Visible Light Transmission. Storage bag included.

V LT: 8-43%
lens: Cat 2-4, Orange w/ Flash Silver Coating price: $200

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