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The new ARWA BI-FLEX incorporates the Flexion System which allows more comfort and control. This boot suits all endeavors in high alpine, winter ice climbing and Himalayan ascents. Your toes will be toasty warm and dry thanks to the form fitting, durable and waterproof one piece Dynatec with Lorica backed by DryLine for waterproof/breathable and superior wicking. This durable and elastic Polyester - Polyether membrane uses the natural movement of the foot to "pump" moisture out air spaces while also wicking through the fibers themselves. The difference is dryness that you can feel! The ARWA conserves your warmth by utilizing a triple layer of Thinsulate insulation - same as employed in the technical KANGRI, the G1 and G1 EXPEDITION BOOTS. Other niceties include lightweight carbonglass shaft with Neoprene cuff and Velcro closure - locks heat in and keeping debris out; 3 piece adjustable Velcro tongue and Heel Fit System - with pads to grab and hold your heels down. Structure is Boreals PBG-680 (very stiff) midsole mounted to FDS-3 triple density outer sole backed by 10mm EVA/PU for shock absorption/insulation with a Teton Vibram outsole. This is the "tweener" boot - as warm or warmer than some "plastics" but light and with a good fit that only a leather boot can provide.

Sizing: Easy, subtract 1/2 size from your US size and you've got the UK size - ie If a US 10.5 fits well in a hiking boot, then order a UK 10 for a similar fit. Made in Spain


best: high mountain, cold
fit: med (up 1/2 size)
color: navy/black wt: 4 lb 3oz / 1980g / pair UK 7
size: 9.5, 10, 10.5, 11.5 UK price: $489, sale $348.88

3 pk of Boreal THERMOLITE SOCKS 3 pk $79 (save $8) w/ boots order

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All feet differ in size and shape (even left and right)! All shoes are built on specific forms (called lasts) providing a unique shape (curve, camber, volume & sole profile) to provide the the best performance in their category. We can help optimize your performance by confirming your boot choice (or recommending another) based decades of experience and satisfied customers.


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