breathable cordura / kevlar gaiter, waterproof zipper and lightweight sole

the new Oly Mons EVO laces can be "one handed" - even with gloves


Minimize your effort and maximize your climbing power and chance for success with the new OLY MONS EVO!
The amazingly light (225 g) inner boot is formed from water repellant and breathable micro-perforated foam backed by pile insulation and lined with tri-dimensional polyester knit. You will notice reflective tape on the backstay (so you can easily locate your boots for pre-dawn starts) and a fast and easy speed lace system with secure velcro tab that can be "one handed" - even with gloves. Importantly, the inner boot is thermo-formable and will take on the exact shape of your feet!
The outer boot sports a breathable Cordura / Kevlar gaiter with Vibram climbing rubber rands backed by insulating foam and a waterproof storm zipper. The outer boots structure is crafted from Cordura backed by layers of dual-density closed cell PE insulating foam and a super efficient thermo-reflective aluminum facing. This combination is extremely warm, fast drying and holds your foot securely - so you can front point and climb hard!
The OLYMPUS MONS EVO out sole is made from a brand new special low density Insulating Vibram- for weight savings - with climbing rubber toe inserts and is backed by a HP3 midsole. Use most any crampons we sell (order at the same time and we will assure compatibility and fit them). Backing the sole is a carbon fiber stiffner and 2.5 mm of PE thermo insulating micro foam with reflective aluminum facing - further contributing to your warmth and lightness of step.
Delivered anywhere in North America. Order well in advance of your expedition departure date. Fit Guaranteed with foot tracing.

best: technical high altitude climbs, extreme cold

fit: medium-wide, EU brannock size
color: yellow/black wt: 5 lb 13 oz (our scale - sz 40)
size: 39-47 (half sizes) price: $990.00 ...
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All feet differ in size and shape (even left and right)! All shoes are built on specific forms (called lasts) providing a unique shape (curve, camber, volume & sole profile) to provide the the best performance in their category. We can help optimize your performance by confirming your boot choice (or recommending another) based decades of experience and satisfied customers.


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