Black Diamond AVALUNG II

Buy some time if you go down. In the event of being caught and buried by an avalanche, BD's AVALUNG II allows you to effectively breathe air that is naturally contained in the snow pack while you wait patiently to be rescued. Key to surviving an avalanche burial is keeping your airway and mouth free of snow - which can freeze quickly - and also creating some "breathing space". This is accomplished by taking a big gulp of air (to expand your lungs and chest) and then inserting the AVALUNGS mouth piece before you "go down". Breathing thereafter draws "fresh air" from the intake manifold (near the front of your chest) and exhausts Co2 laden gas out the back (under your arm). This extends your survival time by reducing carbon dioxide build up - dramatically increasing the time your buddies have to search for and rescue you.

wt: 9.3 oz
color: silver/black price: $124.95

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