CONGRATULATIONS! You’ve purchased the finest pack(s) available -your back will thank you! Your new FLEXFRAME™ Pack is part of a truly modular pack system that incorporates into its design and function the most advanced suspension and frame technology. The FLEXFRAME™ Harness System Components (waist belt and shoulder harness) are available separately, in 5 sizes (XS-XL) and can be mixed and matched to produce a compatible fit with any body type or size (e.g. a man with small waist and very broad shoulders might take a medium waist belt and a large shoulder harness).

Be sure that your waist belt and shoulder harness are the appropriate size for your physique — if, after following these fitting directions, your FLEXFRAME™ Pack still does not ride or feel “right”, it may be that you need a different size waist belt or shoulder harness. Mountain Tools will be happy to rush you the correct size component should you find yourself in this situation. A good fit is absolutely essential to get the most out of your FLEXFRAME™ Pack — don’t cheat yourself by settling for anything less than a perfect fit!

To ensure your prolonged comfort and satisfaction, we strongly recommend that you follow the few simple steps, outlined below, for “setting up” and adjusting your FLEXFRAME™ pack(s). This standardized fitting procedure will create a “bonding” between you and your FLEXFRAME™ pack(s) and allow both you and your new pack to perform at your best.

Each FLEXFRAME™ pack is assembled properly and checked before it is shipped to you and is immediately ready for use after making the following adjustments:

ADUSTMENT #1 - Loosen all straps: Waist Belt, Shoulder Straps, Load Stabilizer Straps [atop and just behind shoulder], Trim Straps (on either side of waist belt) and Load Compression Straps [on both sides of pack bag]. To achieve the best fit, partially load the pack at this time to fill it out somewhat and add a few pounds of realism. Now put your arms through the straps of the shoulder harness. Do not tighten the shoulder straps yet.

ADUSTMENT #2 - Shrug your shoulders so that the pack rides up high on your back. Now buckle the differentially cut waist belt — it should wrap lovingly just above your hips and fully encircle your “pelvic girdle”. Now cinch down the Side Release Buckle... aaahhh!

ADUSTMENT #3 - Now snug up the Shoulder Harness Straps so they make contact at all points. Your load should feel evenly and comfortably distributed across your back. The Sternum Strap should be positioned slightly above your breast line (2"-3" above your sternum), allowing easy expansion of your diaphragm. If the Sternum Strap is too high or too low initially, simply raise or lower the Sternum Strap components along their individual tracks stitched to the Shoulder Straps. If the Shoulder Straps do not make complete contact with your body, from nipple level to directly behind the upper part of your shoulder blades, adjust the Harness’s point of attachment on the Torso Trac™ to compensate. This adjustment can be done easily with a penny or screwdriver — graphic illustration of how the entire system accommodates both short and tall folks with great results.

Note: The webbing straps sewn to the base of the pack and threaded through the Shoulder Harness Buckles should lie flat against your body (note how they have a slight twist).

ADUSTMENT #4 - Pull in the Trim Straps (on either side of the Waist Belt) to ensure that the load rides snugly against your lumbar spine and doesn’t shift around on your hips while trail humping. The Trim Straps can be loosened slightly when climbing or skiing to allow the pack to better move and flex with you when making long reaches or carving telemark turns.

ADUSTMENT #5 - Pull in the Load Stabilizer Straps (atop and just behind the shoulders) to draw the load in close to your center of balance. Use the Trim Straps and Load Stabilizer Straps to “fine-tune” your load adjustment while moving — when the terrain is varied and the physical demands change accordingly, you’ll find that these quick-and-easy refinements make a big difference in your continued comfort and load stability.

Please contact us if you need additional assistance in fitting your pack or if you have any product input. As always, your feedback is important to us.

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