12. Product Safety Advisory 3/18/04

CAMP Tri Cam Defect Notice

CAMP USA has entered into a voluntary recall for 1.5 Tri Cams with visual cracks occurring from the pin housing area to the edge. We are asking all CAMP consumers who have purchased Tri Cams to inspect the Brown size 1.5 with a lot allocation of “2G.” The size can be identified through the description of each product, which has been permanently sewn to the webbing of each Tri Cam. The lot number can be identified through an etching on the side of each product.

**The defect is a hairline crack has which has occurred around the pin housing located near the webbing that is fixed to the Tri Cam. (SEE PICTURE BELOW)

CAMP inspects all Tri Cams prior to shipping and suggests all consumers inspect merchandise prior to purchase.

CAMP USA has entered into a voluntary recall for the size 1.5 Tri Cam. Please inspect all 1.5 Tri Cams and contact CAMP to replace all cracked size 1.5 Tri Cams free of charge. Please call CAMP USA for a return authorization number as well as shipping instructions at 877-421-2267.