Vibram Montagna Sole

"Success on Aconcagua! Spantiks are awesome - very comfortable, agile and no cold feet." - Dave from Phoenix


The new SPANTIKS are an expedition climbers dream boot - shaving almost a pound off your feet while giving you extraordinary climbing powers. SPANTIKS give a whole new meaning to the old adage "a pound on the foot is like 10 on the back". It is the go-fast, climb hard, super alpine, sprint-to-the-summit-and-back double boot.
Built on the proven NUPSTE last the SPANTIK'S outer boot is constructed of transparent, PU-coated and embossed Benecke CerCom PUR leatherette with minimal XSV climbing rubber rand. This material is backed by micro-cellular thermal insulating foam faced with a thermo-reflective aluminum film which is flocked on the inside to create a durable, non-slip, anti-abrasion finish - key to holding your foot securely. Strategic placement of hybrid materials - yellow Lorica on top and black TPU molded ankle and backstay provide structure, the right combination of support and flexibility for best climbing performance.
The "throat" of the outer includes an elastic mini-gaiter and integrated padded stretch collar - for better mobility while "reaching" for holds and also hiking down hill. Your connection to the earth is enhanced by the Vibram Montagna outsole (with trail brake & beveled heel) backed by a super light HP3 and dual density EVA mid sole. Think full climbing power coupled with a sweet, shock absorbing ride.
Inside is a new Thermo-formable PE foam inner boot crafted from micro-perforated PE and water-repellant Lorica synthetic leather - warm and exceptionally good fitting.
Both inner and outer are equipped with Sportiva's new Fast Lacing System - for one handed gloved convenience. Both have light reflective pull loops - so you can see them in the dark and clip them in - for security - when bivouaced.
Offered in true 1/2 size outer and inner boots for a close, precise fit. Accepts all crampons. Delivered anywhere in North America. Fit Guaranteed.

best: technical cold climbs, high altitude
fit: med-wide, up 1/2 from reg boot size
color: ice/yellow wt: 5 lb 1 oz (sz 42)
size: 38-47 (half sizes) price: $750.00
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All feet differ in size and shape (even left and right)! All shoes are built on specific forms (called lasts) providing a unique shape (curve, camber, volume & sole profile) to provide the the best performance in their category. We can help optimize your performance by confirming your boot choice (or recommending another) based decades of experience and satisfied customers.


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