The BLADE RUNNER is possibly the most technically evolved multipurpose crampon design - with modular components and specialized materials and finish.
Key to this design is the "stepped" heel piece which - in addition to the toe bale - transfers energy to your front points for better climbing power. Also the heel piece and flexible slotted connecting bar is stamped from Sandvik Nanoflex steel for highest strength, lowest weight and precise alignment with your boots sole.
The BLADE RUNNER's chromoly front half is a true hybrid with flared secondary and tertiary points for a more natural side-stance and increased resistance to snow build up. Angled rear points aid traction and also help check speed on snow descents. Side points are barbed and serrated - for latching ice or rock features and pushing or pulling to gain the next holds. Ice or mixed - you will feel more "on top" of your points and your game.
Modular front point can be positioned center or offset as it may please you and is backed by dual "front teeth" for additional traction and stability.
Anti-balling plates, EXTRA POINTS, SEMI-AUTO FRONT BALES and CRAMPON BAG included to customize your BLADES. Available in two sizes for optimal boot fit compatibility (see below) and semi-automatic toe bails allow for use on boots without rigid toe lugs. Optional snow points maximize the BLADE RUNNERs affect on alpine terrain. Get the full kit for all season climbing! Made in Italy.

SAVE 10% with the addition of a Pair of ice tools or 15% with our Super Combo - including 6 ice screws.
best: ice fall, mixed, alpine wt: 35.8 oz / 1015 gm
sizes: #1 fits EU 37 - 46; #2 fits 40-49

BLADE RUNNER price: $349.95
FRONT POINTS - (pair) price: $25.00
SEMI-AUTO FRONT BALES - (pair) price: $25.00
ALPINE FRONT POINTS - (pair) price: $35.00

SAVE on Combo, Package or Super Ice Packages!

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