A pair of QUICK STEPS makes ascending a fixed rope or leading simple aid pitches easy. Whether reaching up to clip the next placement, cleaning an aid pitch or juggin' fixed lines you can adjust each foots position relative to the steepness of the pitch for maximum efficiency. Change in angle? No problem - instant DoubleBack buckle adjustment allows you to take in or let out slack as necessary for optimum speed and comfort - plus you don't have to take your foot out of a "rung" and reposition it in another. Buckle is same as used on Petzl Harness, molded STRING abrasion protector included to hold carabiner in upper pocket and elastic cord secures your boot on step. Made in France.

QUICK STEP wt: 142 g / 5 oz price: $35.95

Use a couple of QUICKFIX girth hitched to your harness for optimum positioning while making aid placements on lead or when following and cleaning pitches. Teamed up with the QUICKSTEPS they make the perfect speed wall combo. Same DoubleBack buckle adjustment and STRING abrasion protector. Small cord can be added for easy buckle release and loop in end can be used as a gear keeper while fiddling with the next placement. Braking strength 150 daN (337 lbf). Does not protect from falls - keep tied into and backed up to your rope! Made in France.
QUICKFIX wt: 68g / 2.4 oz price: $29.95


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