TITAN CORD is built with a super strong Dyneema core and sheathed in durable Nylon. Use it to sling your chocks & nuts and also for "Gunks style tie offs"on rigid or FORGED FRIENDS. TITAN CORD can be easily cut and the ends fused by an electric hot knife, then must be tied with a triple fiisherman's knot for full strength security (allow extra 10" for knot). Use 3 1/2 -4 1/2 feet per nut and 2 1/2 ft for a tie off.

color: assorted - red, purple, orange, melon mix, all black
18 kN (4000 lbf)

5mm TITAN CORD - per foot price: $1.34 /ft
5mm TITAN CORD - 25 M / 82 ft spool
price: $108
5mm TITAN CORD - 50 M / 164 ft spool
price: $214

PREPPING BLUEWATER 5 mm TITAN CORD for Slinging Chocks & Wedge Nuts drilled with small holes (larger 7 mm holes can accept our bartacked 12 mm Ultratape sling).

Recommended "cut" lengths for each size Chock or Wedge Nut is available from Mountain Tools. Alternately you can customize your Titan Cord slings length as you wish. The Manufacturer recommends ALWAYS TYING your Titan Cord with a TRIPLE FISHERMANS KNOT - for full strength!

To prep the cord before threading the Chock or Wedge Nut:
1. Pull back the outer sheath on one end of the cord exposing the core.
2. With a very sharp knife - cut the white core back 1/2" - 5/8"
3. Pull the sheath back over the core, concealing all of the core.
4. Fuse the Nylon outer sheath with a lighter or hotknife. Fusing this
end to a pointed tip makes inserting into each hole easier.
5. Feed from the bottom of the chock or nut -up, across & back down
thru the opposit holes. Needle nose pliers are helpful to coax the cord through each hole.
6. TIE a TRIPLE FISHERMAN's KNOT leaving 1/2" - 3/4" "tails" for full
7. Position knot as desired.

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