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Our STEALTH ASSAULT LADDER has been developed with input from operators world wide to simplify & expedite access to remote targets. By eliminating overly technical rope systems and the attendant specialized gear for moving up (ascending) or down (rappelling) and also reducing the dependency on rope belayers - time, personnel and equipment weight is saved - all which can be
allocated to other important tasks that contribute to the overall success of the mission.

Whether you need to be stealthy while gaining access to a door, window, platform or deck of a ship the S.A.L. will give you the added edge of silence and black-as-night low profile coloration. When used singly the Stealth Assault Ladder serves as each team members means of ingress and egress for climbs of up 20 ft (6M). An operator can combine his S.A.L. with another team members by clipping his Ladder to his partners (with a carabiner) for access to greater heights (or depths).

Each step or rung is reinforced with 2" seat belt webbing that is stiffened internally with flexible plastic battens. This assures a nice wide ³open² step that is easy to insert a mountaineering boot. Our steps are bartacked strong too - allowing the side ³rails² to be used as a temporary clip in and support point. By clipping into the side rail you have several 2,000 lbf steps below plus an ultimate (end) strength of 4,922 lbf! Be sure to use a full strength anchor (see Web-o-lette below) and a belay whenever you can.

The Stealth Assault Ladder is delivered in its own integral storage and deployment bag which can be clipped into your web gear, the back of your harness or strapped to your pack. The S.A.L is stored accordion style in the Bag for instant deployment - just clip it in, pull back the cordlock and the ladder falls neatly out of the bag - no tangles, kinks or snarls!

material: nylon (non corrosive)
weight: 3.13 lbs (6.9kg) length: 20 ft (6.09 M)
steps: 22 step spacing: 10.5" (26.67 cm)
step dims: 2" (5.08 cm) x 6.5" (16.5 cm)
end strength: 4922 lbf (22kN) rung strength: 2000 lbf (8.8kN)
color: black price: $149.95
custom lengths: $7.50/step  

Web-o-lette Anchor Sling 12'  
color: black price: $29.95


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