Use VAPOR BARRIER SOCKS for extra warmth on very cold day trips, multiple day alpine climbs and cold weather expeditions to protect your thermal socks from becoming saturated with sweat. Urethane coated medical grade 70d Nylon taffeta VB SOCKS take up zero room and can be worn between a liner sock and your favorite hiking, trekking or expedition weight sock. VBS are streamlined and well fitted for greater comfort and less "bunching" or slippage. We put the seams around the perimeter of the sock, rather then under foot for less irritation and greater comfort. Use in your approach shoes (for wet conditions) and also in single mountain boots and double expedition boots. We sew our VAPOR BARRIER SOCKS with a special polyester thread that swells up to block most perspiration from escaping - without the extra bulk, cost or discomfort of seam tape. Top opening is folded over and regulated by low profile hook and loop closure. The "hook" side helps hold up socks. Gone is the bulk, elastic & cord (that soak up moisture) and plastic cord lock that can irritate in previous models. For extended periods or maintaining relations with tent mates, try some strong antiperspirant or foot powder to further control sweat and increase comfort. Easily washed in the field with cold water & non detergent soap and air dried for longevity. Carry a spare pair in your kit. Made in California!

size: SM 7-8, MD 9-10, LG 11-12, XL 13-14
wt: 1.2 oz / 34 g price: $32.95; 2 prs @ $30 ea
LINER SOCKS - 2 pk price: $19.95
MED WT TREK SOCK price: $19.95
HEAVY WT SUMMIT SOCK price: $21.95

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