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The MUTANT is a soft, sensitive and comfortable shoe that excels on all types of terrain. This is the shoe that Yugi Hirayama wore on the record speed ascent of the Nose on El Capitan - to jam, smear edge and run up the route in an incredible 2:37:05! MUTANTS allow you to use your feet more like your hands - to grab, hook and pull in - keeping your body close to the rock... and over the holds. Notice the reverse shingle back stay and dimpled heel cup - which provides plenty of heel hooking and scumming options. Elastic top, fold over tongue and single web strap provides easy in-and-out and also holds foot securely. Up front is a thin perimeter midsole - stiff at the edge and soft in the middle - to boost edging power yet remain sensitive in the center - for better smearing and knob climbing. This is a shoe that you can wear continuously for bouldering sessions, sport pitches and all day trad climbing fun.
Sold in UK sizes. Made in Spain, shipped world-wide.

Tool Tip: For a barefoot, close and comfortable fit - we recommend ordering 1 size down from your running shoe size. Example - if you are a US 11 (UK10 ) we suggest a UK size 9.

best: bouldering
fit: med, 0 down
color: green wt: 15.9 / 460 g
size:  4 -12 UK

price: $139 sale $104 - 25% Off

Use the SHOE TOOL to clean and prepare your soles before each bouldering session or climb to help you stick to the rock like crazy. Use a little water and either soft nylon or stiff brass bristles to remove dirt and oxidized rubber. Edges can be tuned with sand paper, crepe eraser will keep uppers lookin' good. Leash hole in handle.
size: 6" wt: 1.4 oz, 40 g price: $15

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All feet differ in size and shape (even left and right)! All rock shoes are built on specific forms (called lasts) providing a unique shape (curve, camber, volume & sole profile) to provide the the best performance in their category. We can help optimize your climbing by confirming your shoe choice (or recommending another) based decades of experience and satisfied customers.


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